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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Create an Account

You're gonna need one. It's simple, quick, and easy. There's nothing to it.

Send us your Clips

Log into your account from your phone and you'll be able to quickly upload all of your beautiful shots to our super awesome server.

The Together Part

Our professional editors are hard at work making your DiT Video. This is where the magic happens, just sit back, relax, and wait for your DiT Video in 4 business days.

Get your Video

Whooo Hooooo! It's done! You'll get an email notification to log into your DiT Video account and download your video. Upload it to your property website or share it with the kids. You did it!

If your phone was manufactured after October 14, 2011 - Yes. This is when the iPhone 4S was released, and with that, the bar for camera phones was raised. Competitors had to match its 1920x1080 1080p HD specs along with the auto-focus and digital stabilization capabilities. You can use older generations and still get an excellent product, but we recommend using any smart phone products released after this date.  

Yup, it's easy -- and fun! After you make your DiT Video purchase, you get access to our How-To videos. These were created by experienced television industry professionals to walk you through the process to guarantee an excellent product.

Video mode! No need to change to any other specs -- we'll take care of everything.

We ask for two clips per room. This gives our editors freedom to find the perfect shot and tailor it to your video.

After your purchase you will fill out a form with specifics on the property. Feel free to add notes and we will try to accommodate.

Yes! We recommend them. They add a considerable amount of search engine optimization value to your video. With voice-overs, we can better target your market and get your video found quicker by buyers using internet search engines.

We guarantee delivery in 4 business days, but we usually get them out quicker. You'll get an email notification when yours is ready.

Yes, but that's an additional cost to you. Add "Rush Job" to your cart and we will push you to the top of the line and have your video delivered in 24 hours.

No. Our editors pull music from several different catalogs and we are unable to provide samples to our customers.

No, re-cuts are a separate cost. Add a Re-Cut to your cart and fill out the form with the job you are attempting to re-cut, we save all of your clips just in case, so you only have to tell us what you're looking to fix

Add the "Remove DiT Logo" to your cart and we will take the DiT Logo Bug from the bottom right hand corner of your video. All of our videos have our logo at the end of the video, which cannot be removed.

DiT Video

We make it easy for you to create professional looking content for 100s instead of 1000s of dollars. We'll show you how to shoot your DiT Video all you have to do is send it over.

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